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Interview with Sam Hale of Launch Peak Performance


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When brain training becomes as important as pitching, hitting and throwing, you can take your athletes to the next level!
Whether you’re new to the podcast or have been with us for a while, you KNOW we have to train the mental more. Just like we work to get our feet and hands to do what we want them too… We also have to train our brains to perform more effectively and efficiently as well!

Brain training helps athletes…

    • Build proactive confidence
    • Learn how to focus on what’s important
    • Play in the zone more often!
Today’s guest is the co-founder of Launch Peak Performance and a brain training expert. He and his wife saw a need for mental performance training, so they decided to fill the gap themselves. They combined their own professional experiences in HR and counseling and added in a certifications in Mental Performance coaching as well as Neurofeedback training.
To hear more about what they do to train the brain and help athletes get to the next level, please welcome Sam Hale!


Brain training improves team culture!

When talking to coach after coach at the NFCA convention, we found that almost every one of them wanted a culture that feels like family, with athletes who are committed to the team and willing to do what it takes to succeed.
They also agreed that it’s the mental game that gets in the way of these things. When athletes lose confidence and turn to blaming instead. Or when teammates get frustrated with each other and the root issue is that they simply don’t know where the other person is coming from. And when commitment waivers mid-season and all your hard work starts to slip.

We have the brain training toolkit to help with this!

If we want a strong culture, we have to make sure our individuals are strong. And it takes more than preaching about staying positive to effectively deal with adversity. That’s why we’ve decided to rename our membership to the Softball Mental Training toolkit
Because as much as these coaches want to help their athletes become stronger on and off the field, they simply lack the tools!
And now you can try out all of our mental training tools for an entire week for just $1! To learn more and start your dollar trial, head to!
focus on the positive focus on the positive
See you next time!

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Mental Sweet Spot
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 0 reviews
by Rebekah Pratt on Mental Sweet Spot
Phenomenal information

As a new coach that believes in the mental game being so important, the podcasts and group discussions online have been amazing. Thank you ladies so much! Just knowing that the day to day struggles and doubts are felt by so many others has been remarkably reassuring. Thank you for what you are giving to others in the sport.

5 Star Podcasts!

I love listening to your podcasts while out on a run or on my way to work. They are focused and give me one or two pieces of inspiration to focus on with my team for the week. I have implemented a few key words (like "supportive") and have gotten huge returns from it! Keep up the great work!!

by Katie on Mental Sweet Spot
Mental Toughness

As a softball coach and a teacher, I appreciate all of the strategies and advice that Melanie shares each week! She is so inspiring, knowledgeable about the mental game, and willing to help in any way! One tip that really resonates with me is learning how to understand which things in life you are able to control, and what is out of your control. I teach these skills on the field and in the classroom! Thank you for all of the support and encouragement!

by Tabitha on Mental Sweet Spot
🌟 ⭐️ 🌟 ⭐️ 🌟

I love being part of the Mental Sweet Spot because it helps me think outside of the box to help our team grow mentally. I’ve noticed with the techniques and advice from Melanie and others in her Facebook Group I’ve help my team not only grow mentally but athletically as well. Mental toughness will help your team on the field as well and Melanie’s advice has proven that time and time again.


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