Coaches have to buy in first

Interview with Wright State Baseball's Director of Peak Performance, Diamyn Hall


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“Usually we look at them as separate things- the mental side and the physical side- but to me, they’re connected.”

Today’s guest serves as the Director of Peak Performance for the Wright State University baseball team. He works with the coaching staff to develop and implement mental game development plans for individual players, as well as plans to help the coaching staff implement the mental game all season long.

He also leads team sessions, position-based sessions, and individual mental game sessions. His combination of experience, research, education, & innovation with the mental game helps to develop stronger players on and off of the field.

We’re excited to share the baseball perspective (that’s pretty much identical) of Diamyn Hall!

Today we discuss…

  • When & how he learned about mental toughness
  • His unique position- the first of its kind
  • Getting buy in from the players & coaches
  • What he and his players have struggled with
  • How recruiting helped the ability to build mental toughness
  • Modeling the culture you want
  • and much more!

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COACHING CHALLENGE | Be the good example!

Spring season is quickly getting started, so it’s time to start putting those great ideas for building a tougher team into action! Even if you don’t have a plan in place or all the material you want to cover for mental game, there is always one thing you can do for your players: MODEL WHAT YOU WANT.

Think of 2-3 of the most important characteristics you want your team to embody this year? Fearless? Confident? Able to bounce back after failure? In control of their emotions? Now look at yourself in the mirror. Then your coaching staff. Once you decide what you want your team to do, you have to be 100% committed to having the same characteristics yourself.

It won’t always be easy. Especially when it comes to game time, the emotions are high, and when it comes down to it, we honestly have very little control over the outcome… and that KILLS most coaches 😛 (Us too!) So you have to be sure to keep your emotions and focus and behaviors in check too.

If you find it difficult sometimes to model mental toughness perfectly… or your players are still struggling with their mental game despite all of the helpful lessons you’re trying to teach them… Reach out to us in a personal message on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and we can set up a phone call to give you some strategies for helping your players grow- even mid-season!

If you want a proven system that’s done for you, consider our Dream Team Blueprint. When this airs, many teams have already begun their season, so it may not be ideal to begin a full mental training program. But keep ours in mind for the future. We designed it specifically for softball coaches so you can teach all of the most important mental skills and create a team atmosphere that’s more like family, in a fun, actionable way 🙂

For info on all of these options, reach out on social media or head to!

That’s it for today! We hope you enjoyed the episode and will be back next week with author, inspirational speaker & Sport Psychology Consultant, Jen Croneberger!

Have a good one!

Mel & Alicia


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Get our free Dream Team Assessment & weekly podcast episodes!