Take this quiz to discover how your thinking style shapes your coaching style

What if that’s just because they think differently than you?

This quiz is based on the concept of whole brain thinking (adapted from the HBDI assessment). There are four styles and we a tendency to lean on one or two more than the others. This quiz will tell you your dominant style so you can start to see how your coaching personality has been shaped.

The ultimate goal is to be able to use your whole brain to help each individual athlete. Say goodbye to blank stares and hello to more lightbulb moments! To get you started, we’ve included some activities the girls will love and benefit from that appeal to each style!

Ready to discover your Coaching Personality? Let’s do this!


You can learn more about each of the personalities in this PDF.

If you want to learn the coaching skills of the best coaches with each of these styles, check out the podcast episode where we dive deeper into HOW to do this!

What makes a good coach?

3 simple skills the most successful coaches use to make a big impact




Tracking wins helps experimental thinkers keep their focus on the big picture. Decide as a team what “wins” will earn you a sticker. Then celebrate each time someone or the team gets that win by putting it up on the poster! The important focus here is how even small wins contribute to the team’s overall success.

We like this vinyl poster that can be easily rolled and carried from park to park while not getting ruined by the weather. Find some fun stickers that your players will enjoy (most should stick well to the vinyl). Then hang it on the fence each game with these hooks!


Work with relational thinkers when you see they’re struggling. Have a quick conversation to help them throw their distractions in the chuck it bucket. They write down what’s bothering them, then commit to you or a teammate to chuck it in the bucket and not worry about it for the rest of the practice/game. The key here is to show them you care and support them in moving on.

We love this durable, collapsible bucket because it will last when toting it from field to field. Simple blank notepads and reliable ball-point pens can be kept in the coach’s bag and brought out each game/practice!


Help practical thinkers focus back on the present with this simple cue. Have them choose one word or short phrase that can help them refocus when they start to lose control. That way, they have a practical way of getting back on track simply by reciting their cue word!

We like to have our girls write their cues on a piece of tape to attach to their helmet or glove for in-game help. You can also use these simple luggage tags for team cue words. The nice thing is, you can adjust the cues as needed!


If you want to help your analytical thinkers keep track of their progress more easily, give them a pack of cards! Every practice or game, they can choose 1-3 things to focus on that day. Afterward, they can reflect on whether or not they succeeded.

We like these blank cards because they can be put on a ring and kept together. This way, our players can go back and reflect on all the progress they’ve made. They can also go back to see what worked or didn’t in the past. Ziploc baggies are a must for keeping the cards from getting demolished in their bags.