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How to create a strong foundation on which to build your program

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“Without a strong culture, it’s difficult to do anything.

This is the final installment of our 7Cs series- a bonus C!

Today we talk about Culture. No matter what you do with your team- amazing drills, fun team building exercises, even mental training- none of it will create lasting success without a strong foundation of culture. 

Today we discuss…

How to identify and develop a strong team culture

  • Decide what you want as a program and then put it into action
  • Getting players to own the culture
  • Discuss that culture every day

What it looks like when the culture is working:

  • The team is living out the culture words in everything they do
  • It seems to come easily to them
  • The players leave your program mentally stronger, more confident and more prepared for what’s next

What happens when they’re not living up to their culture words

  • They’re hesitant and not playing confidently
  • The players start to separate and turn against one another
  • They don’t treat their teammates well

Tips for coaches

  • Coaching philosophy stays the same, but every team has a new culture
  • Define what’s important to them and hold them accountable to that
  • Make sure they know what it looks like to live that culture- and what it doesn’t look like

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Learn our Dream Team Blueprint

So you can stop wasting your precious time not getting the results you want