A workout packet for the MIND

Emily Stanley shares her 8-part break workout packet full of mental game drills!

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“There’s a drill and packet for everything else- why not mental game?”

Today we bring back a fan favorite: Emily Stanley of Berry College!

We’re getting back to interviews again, and we’ve brought back the amazing Emily Stanley! We were chatting after our first episode with her and talking about how she creates workout packets for the mental game for her girls when they’re away on break. We thought it was genius and had to ask her back to share more.

It’s a bonus if they can complete all their training over break, but we’re realistic coaches. A lot of times it just doesn’t happen. If your girls find it difficult to get their workouts in with their busy holiday schedule, weather, or access to facilities, this will bust ALL of those excuses! All they’ll need is their mind and some effort to complete tasks like this 

Today we discuss…

Emily’s top 8 topics in her packet

  1. Be humble & thankful
  2. Become a student of the game
  3. Psych down
  4. Reframing
  5. Communication
  6. Focus
  7. Imagery
  8. Managing emotions and clearing your mind

Some favorite drills

  • The Thankful Journal
  • Being a student of the game by watching recruit videos and giving feedback or interviewing someone in the softball world
  • The one mile challenge- running a mile with added challenges
  • Instruct a friend without telling them what not to do

Other bonus topics

  • How to make better use of your defensive time-outs
  • Making the mental game drills a part of your program’s culture to improve buy-in
  • Practicing like you play- on the field
  • Creating an imagery script and practicing what the players see when they close their eyes

Today’s freebie!

Today’s freebie is a Google Doc that you can send out to your girls (there’s also a PDF version if you would prefer to physically fill it out) in order to find out what they need from their Mental Workout Packet.



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