Talk less- Listen more

Stacie Mahoe shares how to get the most out of your athletes

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“It’s hard to bring out the best in your players when you’re only seeing a small piece of who they are.”

Today’s guest is one of the members of our newly formed Dream Team! If you haven’t heard us mention it on social media, we have joined forces with some amazing people to help bring our message and resources to more coaches, players and parents.

She is a sports mom of 8 active kids, has coached softball for many years and played DI ball back in her day 🙂 We lovingly refer to her as our Yoda, as she shares all of her wisdom with us. We are so excited to share the stories and insights of Stacie Mahoe!

Today we discuss…

Stacie’s playing experience

  • The various types of coaches she played for
  • How she viewed mental toughness
  • Learning how to choose to play for herself
  • The lessons she learned about coaching the mental game

How we can better coach the mental game

  • Not getting too caught up in the skills details only
  • Adding it to the practice plan
  • Reflecting and adjusting
  • Asking your players what they need

Other bonus topics

  • The role of parenting in learning to be a better coach and vice versa
  • Improving communication for feedback
  • Talking less and listening more
  • Salvaging “bad” practices so you don’t miss an opportunity to teach
  • Meeting your players way they are

Today’s freebie!

Today’s freebie is an infographic to remind us of the many real reasons we or our players may not be at our usual 100% that day. This is not to make excuses for anyone or to condone laziness. This is to remind us that we are human, we won’t always have everything to give, and with the right support we can give all we have and still make it a productive day! 

Keep these in the back of your mind when you notice someone who seems a little off and then ask them the question. Many times it just takes someone noticing to help them push through. Other times, they may need more support. Either way, you’ll make a lot more progress by seeing the full picture.

Click here to download your Infographic!

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Alicia & Mel


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Learn our Dream Team Blueprint

So you can stop wasting your precious time not getting the results you want