Find the Fear

Dale Hancock teaches us how to find and keep true confidence

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“To act without an expectation of the outcome is to act with complete clarity.”

Today’s guest is a coach to adolescent boys and a promoter of confidence, health and joy. He simply wants to help people reach more of what they deserve…fun, companionship, health, wealth or even adventure by listening, talking and pushing their mental and physical boundaries.

We are so excited to share the stories and wisdom of our Dream Teammate and favorite Brit, Dale Hancock!

Today we discuss…

Dale’s journey that led to becoming a confidence coach

  • Dealing with bullying as a child
  • Hitting a breaking point which became a turning point
  • Winning a tv competition: Cannonball

Things he helps his clients overcome

  • Choosing not to catch and hold onto other people’s garbage
  • Growing your self-worth
  • Moving through the door of fear

Dale’s 5 Cs

  • Can’t (aka I won’t)
  • Courage
  • Consistency
  • Clarity
  • Competence

Which all build toward confidence!

Today’s freebie!

Today’s freebie is the game Dale himself played with some of his coaching buddies: The YES Game. The goal is to stretch your comfort zone. Find a friend, colleague, or multiple, and come up with a challenge for each of you that makes you uncomfortable. Your goal is to say “Yes” to the challenge and push through the discomfort, fear and anxious feelings. Some examples are:

  • Find a stranger and ask for a hug
  • Ask someone to sit down and tell you a story
  • Get a group of people to sing a song with you
  • Sell something to a stranger

This is a great game to play within your coaching staff first, so you can reflect on your own personal experiences. Then extend the challenge to your players. Always make sure the challenges are safe, of course, but the best ones are those that make them the most uncomfortable.

After you’ve completed the tasks (or not), the most important piece of this exercise is the follow-up. When you reflect on how you navigated through that discomfort, you’ll see you can relate that experience to many aspects of your life. Probably even the way you show up on the field 🙂

We’ve made this follow-up easy for you: grab your free PDF below!

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Alicia & Mel


To round out the year, we’re bringing you the founding member of the Dream Team- Jenn Starkey!


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So you can stop wasting your precious time not getting the results you want