Struggle to success

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Struggle to success

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Today’s guest knows the struggle to success well. An accomplished athlete himself, now he’s a practicing Sports & Performance Psychologist who works with athletes from the PGA and LPGA Tours, NFL, NBA, MMA, and serves as the sports and performance psychologist for The University of Alabama Athletic Department.

He is the author of The MindSide Manifesto: The Urgency to Create a Competitive Mindset. Additionally, he wrote The Game Plan workbook in order to help athletes, coaches, and leaders compete to the best of their ability. Stuck In Suckville will be his next book, so keep an eye out for its release!

Additionally, he hosts The Secrets to Winning podcast and has published several academic journal articles, presented numerous scientific presentations, as well as provided insight and authored articles for trade magazines such as GOLF Magazine, Golf World, Golf Week, and ESPNW, among others. Dr. McCabe has made several appearances on The Golf Channel’s Morning Drive and The Golf Fix.

Please welcome Sport Psychologist and Founder of The MindSideDr. Bhrett McCabe!

Struggle to success

Today we discuss his take on the struggle to success…

  • His journey as a pitcher, from JV as a Junior to a DI National Champion
  • When he realized he was pitching scared and how he came back with a new attitude
  • How people struggle with belief, doubts, and impatience 
  • Determining if the sacrifices we must make to reach our goals are worth it
  • Being honest about whether you’re giving 100%

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COACHING CHALLENGE | Create More Struggle, See More Success

There is no getting around it- you will struggle on your road to success. Especially for the things we really want. That’s because the best goals are difficult to achieve. Part of the issue is we don’t practice getting through it.

Let’s do some self-reflection. What percentage of your practices do you spend on drills intentionally designed for your players to fail? If it’s less than 50%, you’ve got to level up the challenge. If you do incorporate competition and pressure? How often do your players leave that practice feeling good about what they learned?

That’s the tricky part of it. Even with the best of intentions, if you don’t teach your players how to deal with that stress, you’ll just end up crushing their spirit. This can be avoided by addressing the purpose of the challenge, telling them how they can do better, and giving them another opportunity to face the same challenge in the future.

Now get to it!

That’s our challenge for the week: add more pressure to your practice and make sure your players take something away each time. They may not succeed for a while, but they’ll be MUCH more equipped come game-time to deal with the whatever is thrown at them!

If you’d like some help coming up with challenging drills and new ways to help your players struggle to success, join us in our Dream Team Programs! From our DIY to our full-service options, you will have access to unique, high-pressure drills designed to build mental toughness in action.

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That’s it for today! Next up is a brand new series where you get to come behind the scenes of our Mastermind! You’ll get full access to this powerful think tank each week as we strategize how to get the best out of our teams this season!

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by Rebekah Pratt on Mental Sweet Spot
Phenomenal information

As a new coach that believes in the mental game being so important, the podcasts and group discussions online have been amazing. Thank you ladies so much! Just knowing that the day to day struggles and doubts are felt by so many others has been remarkably reassuring. Thank you for what you are giving to others in the sport.

5 Star Podcasts!

I love listening to your podcasts while out on a run or on my way to work. They are focused and give me one or two pieces of inspiration to focus on with my team for the week. I have implemented a few key words (like "supportive") and have gotten huge returns from it! Keep up the great work!!

by Katie on Mental Sweet Spot
Mental Toughness

As a softball coach and a teacher, I appreciate all of the strategies and advice that Melanie shares each week! She is so inspiring, knowledgeable about the mental game, and willing to help in any way! One tip that really resonates with me is learning how to understand which things in life you are able to control, and what is out of your control. I teach these skills on the field and in the classroom! Thank you for all of the support and encouragement!

by Tabitha on Mental Sweet Spot
🌟 ⭐️ 🌟 ⭐️ 🌟

I love being part of the Mental Sweet Spot because it helps me think outside of the box to help our team grow mentally. I’ve noticed with the techniques and advice from Melanie and others in her Facebook Group I’ve help my team not only grow mentally but athletically as well. Mental toughness will help your team on the field as well and Melanie’s advice has proven that time and time again.


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