Building a team culture of empowerment

In an era of entitlement


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Building a team culture around empowerment and teamwork is the number one way to battle entitlement. Think of it from a work point of view. You have a big project due tomorrow and you know you have hours of work ahead of you. In scenario one, your boss handed the project to you and said you need to do A, B, and C to get it done. Conversely, in scenario two, this project was one you came up with and figured out the steps needed to complete it. Which are you more likely to be more motivated to finish?

The point here is you have to empower your players to be a part of the process. Did you notice the problem (the big project due the next day) didn’t change? But the feeling surrounding it sure did! You can create that same environment for your team. And the best part is? You won’t have to light a fire underneath them or give them a kick in the butt to get them motivated. They’ll put in the work and give their all because they want it.


In this series, we follow Alicia’s team through season once more. We have also brought in Wilma Wilson, head softball coach at South Haven High School. Their big project, which is due soon and will require a lot of work, is to make it to the state championship. It is a big goal, and we set it that way on purpose. However, we realize t’s an external goal that they honestly don’t have much control over. So we’ll focus on the little things it takes to get there. That’s what we’ll be discussing in the upcoming weeks!

Join us as we talk about what these two successful, veteran coaches do to reach their goals. See first-hand how they build a team culture of support and success on a daily basis. We’ll talk about how their teams are doing, what they’re working on with their girls, and how they’re implementing the mental game. Additionally, we will dig into how these topics affect us and our players both on and beyond the field.

We’re glad you’re joining us on this journey!


Today we discuss how they’re starting to build team culture week one…

  • What they would be most proud of accomplishing this season
  • Some challenges they will likely face this season and how they could affect the team
  • How they envision overcoming those challenges
  • How their coaching strategies and philosophies have shaped their culture
  • The effect of pressure and expectations on performance
  • Their plans moving forward this season

COACHING CHALLENGE | Empower your players

As we said before, the antidote to entitlement is empowerment. You must empower your players to take control of their own destinies. When they do this, they’ll not only realize the hard work it takes… they’ll crave it!

This is a big topic, but you can start small. Make a list of 5 things you can give your players some choice over. It might be what uniform they wear or who they warm up with. Then move up to more influential decisions like what they want to work on in practice.

That doesn’t mean you need to give up the reigns. You should always be there to guide them in their journey. But if you don’t give them any say in how that journey evolves, they’ll never be fully bought it.

Now get to it!

That’s our challenge for the week: start empowering your players to make some decisions. Then work up to the unicorn of softball teams: the player-led team! Building self-awareness and giving players the courage to take the wheel is what our Dream Team Programs are all about! We cover all of the core mental training topics in order to help you build a team culture of empowerment.

For info on our membership levels & other services, reach out on social media or head to!

That’s it for today! See you back here next week as we see how the teams are molding together and learning how to be more committed before spring break!

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by Rebekah Pratt on Mental Sweet Spot
Phenomenal information

As a new coach that believes in the mental game being so important, the podcasts and group discussions online have been amazing. Thank you ladies so much! Just knowing that the day to day struggles and doubts are felt by so many others has been remarkably reassuring. Thank you for what you are giving to others in the sport.

5 Star Podcasts!

I love listening to your podcasts while out on a run or on my way to work. They are focused and give me one or two pieces of inspiration to focus on with my team for the week. I have implemented a few key words (like "supportive") and have gotten huge returns from it! Keep up the great work!!

by Katie on Mental Sweet Spot
Mental Toughness

As a softball coach and a teacher, I appreciate all of the strategies and advice that Melanie shares each week! She is so inspiring, knowledgeable about the mental game, and willing to help in any way! One tip that really resonates with me is learning how to understand which things in life you are able to control, and what is out of your control. I teach these skills on the field and in the classroom! Thank you for all of the support and encouragement!

by Tabitha on Mental Sweet Spot
🌟 ⭐️ 🌟 ⭐️ 🌟

I love being part of the Mental Sweet Spot because it helps me think outside of the box to help our team grow mentally. I’ve noticed with the techniques and advice from Melanie and others in her Facebook Group I’ve help my team not only grow mentally but athletically as well. Mental toughness will help your team on the field as well and Melanie’s advice has proven that time and time again.


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