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Interview from the Tough Team Challenge


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Finally step out of the shadows and into who you were meant to be.

The number one question we get from coaches is “How do I help my players be more confident?” It’s what we ultimately want for ALL of our athletes, right? But there are SO many things attacking their confidence daily, it feels like an uphill battle. 

In today’s episode, we’re sharing a live interview run by our colleague Jenn Starkey in our Tough Team Challenge (more on that later). She invited on two guests to talk about confidence: one of her MVP student-athletes, Reese, and Health and Mindset Coach, TJ Leeder.

The theme that came out of the discussion for how to build confidence that lasts: TAKE OWNERSHIP. No matter what we do as coaches to try and “boost” our players’ and teams’ confidence: it won’t stick until they make that commitment to themselves. 

Today we discuss…

  • TJ’s story of how he got into nutrition, fitness and mindset coaching
  • How overwhelm made Reese feel like it put her fire out
  • Why you’re doing the world a disservice when you’re not being you
  • What energy has to do with living a happier life
  • Food and thoughts as FUEL
  • How comments made by others can have a big (negative) effect on you
  • Taking ownership of your confidence

COACH, PLAYER & TEAM CHALLENGE | The #ToughTeamChallenge

It was mentioned above, but today’s challenge is a big one. We have created the Tough Team Challenge: a 10-day, interactive experience where we teach coaches, players and parents HOW to build mental toughness. 

When this airs, we are currently a little over halfway through the challenge, but don’t worry. It’s not difficult to get caught up AND we’ve added in a buffer. Because here’s the bonus. For ONE team or program, we’ll be giving away an EPIC Grand Prize.

You and your team will have the opportunity to share why YOU’RE the toughest team for your chance to win an in-person, interactive Mental Performance EXPERIENCE. We’re talking multiple days of impact, insight and fun, including….

  • A customized on-field practice for your team
  • Behind-the-scenes access to a “Best Season ever clinic – where your team will learn the confidence hacks of the world’s top-performing athletes
  • Individual feedback for each athlete on how to leverage the mental game personally
  • And much much more

So far we’ve heard things like:




If you want to learn how to build mental toughness… How to build that confidence from the inside-out… how to help your players bounce back from failure… and how YOU can show up as your best self so you can make an impact on these young ladies… This is the opportunity to take ACTION on all of the great mental toughness tips you KNOW will help your girls.

Head to today!

That’s it for today! We hope you enjoyed this special episode and that we’ll see you soon in the Tough Team Challenge!

Mel & Alicia


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Mental Sweet Spot
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by Rebekah Pratt on Mental Sweet Spot
Phenomenal information

As a new coach that believes in the mental game being so important, the podcasts and group discussions online have been amazing. Thank you ladies so much! Just knowing that the day to day struggles and doubts are felt by so many others has been remarkably reassuring. Thank you for what you are giving to others in the sport.

5 Star Podcasts!

I love listening to your podcasts while out on a run or on my way to work. They are focused and give me one or two pieces of inspiration to focus on with my team for the week. I have implemented a few key words (like "supportive") and have gotten huge returns from it! Keep up the great work!!

by Katie on Mental Sweet Spot
Mental Toughness

As a softball coach and a teacher, I appreciate all of the strategies and advice that Melanie shares each week! She is so inspiring, knowledgeable about the mental game, and willing to help in any way! One tip that really resonates with me is learning how to understand which things in life you are able to control, and what is out of your control. I teach these skills on the field and in the classroom! Thank you for all of the support and encouragement!

by Tabitha on Mental Sweet Spot
🌟 ⭐️ 🌟 ⭐️ 🌟

I love being part of the Mental Sweet Spot because it helps me think outside of the box to help our team grow mentally. I’ve noticed with the techniques and advice from Melanie and others in her Facebook Group I’ve help my team not only grow mentally but athletically as well. Mental toughness will help your team on the field as well and Melanie’s advice has proven that time and time again.


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