Team Culture Blueprint

A strong culture is key.   

>> It prevents cliques & drama
It keeps your girls motivated
It's the special ingredient that creates championship teams

This 5-step training can help you build that culture!

Take it from one of our All-Star Sweet Spotters, Coach Rob:

"Taking the time to think about what our culture is vs what we want it to be was profound for me. Making that culture a part of every email, message, practice and game... well... that may just be what separates great teams from good ones."

Here's what you'll map out:

✅ STEP 1 | Your Process -It's hard to trust the process when it feels like a never-ending grind. This lesson will teach you a more effective process you'll enjoy more too!

✅ STEP 2 | Your Why -Most people think they know their why, when it's actually their what. This lesson will help you uncover what truly motivates you.

✅ STEP 3 | Your Role -When we talk about roles on a team, we're usually talking about the wrong things. Your real role isn't what you do for the team - it's who you are for the team.

✅ STEP 4 | Your Standards -If you want results at the end of the season, you have to get crystal clear about what living your culture looks like (and doesn't).

✅ STEP 5 | Your Blueprint - Put it all together in a simple, actionable 1-page blueprint, so you can stay focused on what's most important this season

To make sure this actually helps your team on the field, you also get these BONUSES!

➕ Blueprint PDF | A customizable blueprint (plus examples!) so you can take away an actionable 1-pager to keep you on track all season

➕ Workbook PDF | Work through this process yourself now and run with the other coaches & players later. Includes printable worksheets, real-life examples, cheat sheets & the player version too!

➕ ALABAMA Culture Call | Head Coach Patrick Murphy shares how he connects with his team with a supportive culture (60 min)

➕ FLORIDA STATE Culture Call | Lonni Alameda & her staff share how they develop their athletes through a player-led, coach-fed culture (60 min) 

➕ MICHIGAN Culture Call | Learn how Hutch & her staff empower young women to be accountable through a team-first culture (60 min) 

➕ SUE ENQUIST Culture Call | Learn how she built one of the most successful programs in history, with a culture that still stands strong well after she retired (90 min) 

➕ MIKE CANDREA Culture Call | Learn how he evolved throughout his career as one of the most winningest coaches of all time - at the highest levels (60 min) 

Live & when-you-need-it support | Utilize our private Facebook Group and 6 monthly Roundtable calls as an extra assistant coach (or 20!) that can give you ideas, help you problem-solve and keep you inspired!

And just in case you're not sure you can fully commit to this, we offer a 7-day Money-Back Guarantee!

Dive into one of the culture calls, see what the Blueprint is all about & if you're not inspired to take action and make this your strongest team yet... You can have your money back!

$200.00 USD