Growing your players as PEOPLE

Interview with Florida State softball head coach, Lonni Alameda


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“You can love your kids, you can grow them as people, AND you can push them on the ball field to be the best skill player they can be.”

Today’s guest is one of the most well-known coaches in our sport, not only for her success on the field, but also for her willingness to help other coaches and her laid-back, patient coaching style (which can be pretty rare!)

She’s a 9-time Coach of the Year and Coaching Staff of the Year recipient from the conference to the national levels. She’s the Head Coach of the reigning Division I World Series Champions, the Florida State Seminoles…

Please welcome, Lonni Alameda!

Today we discuss…

Her team’s goals for the season

  • Attacking the moment
  • If it’s not about the process and where you are right now, you’re not going to reach your goals
  • How they keep players focused on the process

The culture of their team

  • Making their student-athletes the best athlete and people they can be
  • Focusing on team values: Family, Smart, Aggressive, Committed, & Competitive
  • Showing consistency and clarity from the top

How they foster open communication

  • Fall meetings to clarify expectations and track progress
  • Pulling information out of players when they may be reluctant at first
  • Dealing with typical struggles of a college athlete

Staying focused and driven through the tough times

  • Finding out who you are when things aren’t going well
  • Remaining a student of the game
  • Taking note of the growth that’s happening

Her why & support

  • Seeing the lightbulb go off when they realize they are the best person and player they can be
  • Former players who are now coaching

COACHING CHALLENGE | Define your why & coaching style

This challenge seems simple, but we’re going to ask you to dig a little deeper. Almost every coach will say something like “I coach to help develop great players and strong young women.” Which is true! But when we dig a little deeper, we discover that we all approach that goal in different ways.

Your challenge it to dig deeper into your own coaching style and what drives you to show up every day. Once you’ve figured this out, you’ll be able to get through any rough patch with total belief that you’re still doing what you should be doing.

If you’d like a little guidance, discover your Sparketype. This quick, 10-minute survey will help you discover specifically what drives you. When you receive your results you’ll be able to more clearly see how YOU can best develop the person under the jersey 🙂

We want to hear how you tackled this challenge and how your players responded! Give us a shout out on social media, shoot us a private message, or for our members, share it in the Dream Team Clubhouse!

That’s it for today! We hope you enjoyed the episode!

Mel & Alicia

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