Players today are stronger, faster and more talented than ever


>> They put in time in the weight room and with personal trainers

>> They refine their skills with advanced instruction & analytics

>> They even know importance of the mental game!

And yet... 


Most struggle to deal with failure & lack the confidence they need to reach their potential.

We coaches can take some responsibility for their mentality - we haven't trained it!

It's not your fault though. Back in our day, mental toughness was something you were expected to build on your own.

As players evolve and their needs change, we coaches have to adapt too. And that's exciting!

We have the opportunity to guide them on their journey building unshakable confidence both on & beyond the field!


Sound a little intimidating?
We've got you!


We're Melanie (Mel) Rushing & Alicia Smith- two softball coaches with a passion for developing strong athletes and women!

You can catch our full story here, but in a nutshell...

Our mission is to give teams the mental skills to win more games & have more fun. 

So if you've ever experienced...

>> The player who just doesn't see how great she can be

>> The team that could be so good if they just had more fight in them

>> The heartbreak of watching a player who works so hard and cares so much, crumble under pressure


We're here for you!

There are two ways we can help:


1) Level up your own mental game coaching skills with Mel

Level up your game

So you can be a positive role model & leader for your girls


Per staff

Kicks off Sunday, April 18th
Special guest Sue Enquist!

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Train the mental game

Develop more resilient players by training their mindset just like you train their physical skills

Start implementing TODAY for just


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Make practices 90% mental

Develop their mental skills alongside their physical skills, so what you work on actually shows up on game day!


(Currently only available to Bootcamp attendees - we want you to lock in your leadership first!)

2) Bring Alicia in (even virtually) to work directly with your team

Private Mental Performance Clinics

In these single or multi-day clinics, Alicia will give your girls' mentality a jump-start by

✅ Teaching sport psych skills

✅ Testing them with fun challenges

✅ Training them with actual softball drills

Customize a clinic for your team from


per player

(Organizational packages available!)

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Dream Team Program

Over the course of 9 weeks, Alicia will give your girls the mental tools they need in order to improve their

✅ Team Culture

Ability to stay Committed

Inner drive to be Competitive

✅ True, unshakable Confidence

✅ Ability to stay Composed

✅ Focus & sense of Control

Willingness to be Courageous

✅ Performance Consistency

Fill their mental toolkit for


per team

Chat with Alicia!

Next Level Bootcamp

A 5-day mental performance clinic to teach your girls how to 

✅ Take ownership of their personal growth

✅ Surround themselves with better influences

✅ Trust the process & play in the present

Get this game-changing training for less than


per player!

(Next date TBD)

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