A Mentally Tough Team Starts With YOU.

Join our 4-part, virtual training so you can become the confident, mentally tough leader they need!

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Finally! The tools you need to develop their MENTAL game

Starting with yours! That's right Coach. If you want to make a real impact, you have to SHOW them how to be mentally strong. 

Learn & Grow in the Impactful Coach Academy!

In this 4-part training, we will address the most common complaints from coaches at every level:

"They're just not bought in."

That's because concepts like We Over Me don't work.

It's a lovely concept encouraging teamwork in an ever-more-selfish world... But the fact is, you can't pour into others from an empty cup.

In this part of the training, I'll teach you how to create a Dream Team Blueprint that allows you to be your best self FOR the team!

"It's like they're not even trying."

That's because our version of commitment is outdated.

Grind, hustle, & pushing through worked for a while... but nowadays that philosophy only leads to exhaustion

Instead, I'll teach you the invaluable tool that's allowed me to coach a college team of 20, mom 3 boys under 6, be the Associate AD... and not burn out.

"These players can't handle failure."

Actually... they can't handle FEELING like a failure.

But you certainly aren't trying to make them feel that way! It's our job to make them better, and that includes pointing out what's not working.

On the second call, I will show you a game-changing technique that will teach them how to take your feedback to make them more competitive.

"Instruction goes in one ear and out the other"

That's because us control-freak-coaches try to cover TOO much.

"But there IS so much to cover, Mel!" You are so right. But you're not taking into account the classes they just came from, the test they have the next day or the fight they just had with their significant other.

When their brain power is limited, we have to pick and choose what's most important. I'll teach you how to do choose the perfect next thing, without feeling any FOMO!

If you're ready to level up your skills in coaching the PERSON, then join us!

That's only half of the lessons we'll be diving into,
and you'll be with a supportive, passionate group of coaches who GET you!

(PLUS this is the only time the program will be offered at this price,
AND you can get a full refund after night one if it's not for you!)

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