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We help softball teams improve their performance through mental training & coach education

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Softball coaches come to us when they want to help their girls:


Not because they care about trophies - because they know it's a
byproduct of developing strong young women on & beyond the field.


Because that's what it's really about: playing with the same 
passion & joy as the little girl who fell in love with the game.

Coaches we work with feel like they've tried everything to get these girls to play as well as they know they can.

We can help!

We can give you the training, tools & support to help your team reach their potential

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Stop trying to build confidence. Start training belief.

 You've most likely heard the phrase,

"Girls have to feel good to play well."

It's partially true - they DO play well when they're feeling confident.

So we teach them skills & put them in situations where they'll build that feeling of confidence.

But you've probably also noticed: confidence is fragile.


And nobody is immune from it.

Think of the most talented teams & players you know. When they fail, fall short of expectations or otherwise flop... they feel bad too!

So what sets them apart?

They believe that even when things aren't going their way...
They'll find a way to be successful.


That's our mission here!

To get your girls to believe in themselves, each other, and the program as a whole.

When our girls get to that point, we know we've done our jobs. 

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As a new coach who believes the mental game is so important, the podcasts & group discussions online have been amazing. Thank you ladies so much! Just knowing that the day to day struggles and doubts are felt by so many others has been remarkably reassuring. Thank you for what you are giving to others in the sport!

- Rebekah