Hi! We're
Mel & Alicia

Just a couple softball coaches, passionate about developing strong young women on & beyond the field

Hi! We're
Mel & Alicia

Just a couple softball coaches, passionate about developing strong young women on & beyond the field

Why we do this

Now you know how we got here. Now allow us to share WHY we do this!

Alicia's Why is to feel Impactful when working with teams

"My favorite moments are when a player grows into the confident, empowered leader I knew they could be. All the work they've put in and trials they've gone through pay off when it all clicks and they finally get it. That's truly the best gift I can receive as a coach."

Mel's Why is to feel supportive when working with coaches

"It lights me up when I can see a coach visually relax as they realize just how much they really are making a difference. From teaching how to implement the mental game to highlighting their strengths as a coach so they can continue to help their girls - I love feeling supportive."

Our experience & credentials

You may be thinking, “This all sounds great, but who are you two to be teaching me?”

Here’s a quick overview of our credentials!

Alicia Smith is our Team Consultant  

She combines her Master's in Coaching Sport Performance with 20+ years of on-field experience and success to take teams to the next level. She's implemented the mental game with her own teams for years, leading them to multiple state championships, runner-up and quarterfinal titles.

Melanie Rushing is our Coaches' Coach. 

She uses Master’s degrees in Sport Psychology and Leadership and on-field experience to help coaches learn, grow & make a bigger impact. She's taught the mental game for years, created our online programs, and helped hundreds of players & coaches from 10u to DI.

Bringing it all together

We’ve both been on this path for a while. Thankfully our paths collided on the recruiting trail and we somehow got on the topic of mental game! It’s a match made in softball heaven, and we can’t wait to bring you on this journey with us!

- Mel & Alicia